Mechanical Screen

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Mechanical Screen

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It is a special sewage treatment equipment that can automatically intercept and remove various shapes and impurities in the fluid continuously. It can be widely used in urban sewage treatment, tap water industry, power plant inlet, and also as textile, food processing, paper making, Pre-stage screening equipment in wastewater treatment processes such as leather.
Operating principle
It is a grill that can be automatically and continuously removed. It is assembled by a plurality of identical caries and staggered into a group of closed crest chains. Under the driving of the motor and the reducer, a series of sheaves and chains form a continuous top-down cycle motion. Keep clearing the purpose of the grille. When the chain of teeth is moved to the upper part and the back of the equipment, due to the guiding action of the sprocket and the curved rail, the parallel rows of the molars can be misaligned, so that the solid dirt falls into the slag tank by its own weight, and when it falls off, this is not clean. Class-like grilles tend to carry dirt into the back channel.
When the wire rope traction reel mechanical grille is working, the steel rope drive device releases the rope, and the bucket descends along the guide rail from the highest position (the end of the last cycle of slag slag), and the slag slag plate descends with the hopper under the action of its own weight. When the slag plate is reset, the bucket is pulled by the opening and closing device (electric push rod) through the traction of the intermediate steel rope and continues to descend until reaching the lower limit of the channel. After the dent is inserted into the grid gap, the steel rope The driving device collects the rope, further forcing the bucket to completely close, the bucket and the bucket move up along the guide rail, and the grid slag is removed until the slag plate is touched. Under the relative movement of the two, the grid slag is thrown out and falls through the slag plate. Slag tank, complete a work cycle.
1. Attractive low capital cost
2. High quality
3. High efficiency
4. Low maintenance cost
5. Low energy usage
6. Quick deliveryMechanical Screen

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